Product Feature Friday: K-Pak by Joico Smoothing Balm

Let me fill you in on one of my hair religions: I never, ever let my hair air or blow dry after washing without a product(s) application. Usually, this is where I experiment with cocktailing various products to achieve my desired look. I always gravitate towards a heat protectant and detangler. After allowing the product to absorb, I apply a rich oil to the ends for improved shine and to leave a subtle, sexy smell.

As for styling products, this week I tried out K-Pak by Joico’s Smoothing Balm. To use, simply apply a quarter sized amount of the product to damp hair, working from tips to roots and proceed with blow drying or styling. The Balm almost magically, automatically fills the hair shaft giving thick to the touch strands.

Joico’s Smoothing Balm, another classic in their K-Pak styling line is a heat activated relaxing cream which habitually thickens the hair follicle. Its buttery texture also acts as a leave in conditioner, ideal for those of us with anything but naturally straight hair. Locks are left prepared for heat styling: smooth, thick, nourished and shiny. The Balm also thermal protects, fights frizz and smooths dry, tired and fragile hair, giving it vigor and density. Because my hair always reverts back to its naturally curly state, I really appreciate Joico’s ability to protect the hair from the elements with its humidity blocker. Just like that, frizz free, stay put style the way I intended it.

Another product that makes mornings easier, thanks to Joico.

Product available at

Poker Straight.

Poker Straight.


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