Product Feature Friday: Trind Moist & Shiny Nail Care

The Trind Trio

The Trind Trio

Moist & Shiny

Moist & Shiny

Trind, previously mentioned here, is Europe’s trusted nail care brand, which not only provides caring color (their version of well formulated polish shades) they also provide a vast collection of nail health products. Moist and Shiny, a product pair was all over my nails this week. Read below for the results.

As displayed above, Moist and Shiny is a trio, including the nail magic buffing board. Before using the product, I ensured that my nails were clean, free of any polish, shaped and buffed. To start, nails are coated in Trind’s Nail Repair. Nail Repair strengthens nails by rebuilding the nail’s ridge through strong proteins. Although the nail is being rebuilt, nails still manage to look aesthetically pleasing, supple and moisture balanced. To get optimal results, it is recommended that Nail Repair be used once daily for a total of two weeks. After that initial time frame, Nail Repair may be used once a week for maintenance. I used Trind’s Nail Repair Natural with a glossy finish, but it also comes in a variety of shades including Natural Matte, Nude, Pure Pearl, Pink, Pink Pearl and Lilac.

Part two of the pair is Trind’s mint green hued Nail Balsam. Loaded with biotine (a powerful brittle nail mitigating agent) nails will feel coated with ability, without dryness. Trind’s Moist and Shiny duo is ideal for damaged, breaking, peeling and splitting nails. It is packed with natural ingredients, and is oil free, allowing ease of use when applying various polishes, as polish can be applied right after Balsam use. To achieve the very best results, use the Nail Balsam daily for two weeks. Apply all over the nails and surrounding cuticle, leave on for one minute and massage in; best used twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

After two weeks of use, my nails are visibly stronger and slightly more hydrated. Trind’s nail care line is ideal for keeping nails moisture quenched and healthy between manicure appointments. Happy Friday, everyone!

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