Stuck on You: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry Nail Perfection

Jamberry Nail Perfection

Weekend mani featuring Jamberry x OPI

Weekend mani featuring Jamberry x OPI

This past Sunday afternoon, I spent some quality time with me, and my nails. Dana Hicks, Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant, and childhood friend of mine and my sister’s offered me a collection of nail wraps by Jamberry Nails.

Jamberry Nails was founded by three sisters desiring beautiful, manageable to up keep and cost effective nails. Finding themselves frequenting the salon was growing challenging with a full schedule and an adequate expense occurring at each visit (we all know that feeling). The sisters formulated Jamberry nail wraps for the woman on the go; the products are affordable, easy to pack and travel with and simple to apply. The extended collection offers various themed nail wraps for the holidays, sports, graphics, animal prints, french tips, dotted line and the garden party (my personal favorite).

Upon my first trial, I choose to display two feature nails, a striped and a polka dotted, paired with OPI Spring/Summer 2014’s liquid sands purple, called Samba-dy Loves Purple. Before applying I watched the brief tutorial video found at: To begin, simply cleanse the bare nail, push the cuticle back, select a suitable, fitting nail wrap, heat, apply, shape and reheat. If that still sounds a little confusing, just watch the video at the above link. The team at Jamberry walks you through the effortless application and removal process.

Ideal for the beauty obsessed on the go, as it requires little time, maintenance and cost to keep polished fingertips. Perfect application, high quality and long lasting (mine lasted 10 days!) coupled with adorable business cards (Like it? Love it? Want it all?) has me converted.

I can’t wait to continue trying the various patterns to create my own, unique manicure. Thank you again to Dana Hicks, Independent Jamberry Nails Consultant. Purchase your Jamberry nail wraps here:


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