Product Feature Friday: K-Pak by Joico Deep Penetrating Reconstructor & Intense Hydrator Duo

Reconstructing magic

Reconstructing magic

Joico's Intense Hydrator

Hydrating pair

This week I’ve prepared something a little different; I choose to feature two products which work miracles individually, but together the results were unbelievable.

K-Pak, Joico’s rebuilding hair care line takes the most damaged, fragile hair and completely transforms it into healthy, smooth, manageable locks to be proud of. Hair is better prepared to handle chemical treatments, color sessions and styling. Enter K-Pak Deep Penetrating Resconstructor and Intense Hydrator.

K-Pak’s Deep Penetrating Resconstructor is a multiple award winning product, designed to boost hair’s overall integrity, elasticity and appearance. Containing the Joico K-Pak Quadramine Complex, a deep penetrating, reconstructive complex made up of powerful proteins, this cream like product is ideal for use twice weekly, before conditioning, or following with the Intense Hydrator.

Secondly, K-Pak’s Intense Hydrator replaces regular conditioners by providing deep moisture to dry, dull, lifeless locks, and creating a barrier between environmental forces and the fragile hair cuticle. Ideally, the Intense Hydrator is meant for use 2 to 3 times weekly after using the Deep Penetrating Reconstructor.

The two products separately and combined aid in the restoration of fragile hair from over processing. After only one session of using each product, hair is strengthened, demonstrating vitality and vigor. Both are to be applied to the hair and are recommended to be used between 3 to 5 minutes after shampooing. I tried both products separately for 5 minutes each (during different wash sessions) and reaped incredible results.

Here’s where things get interesting: Getting creative one afternoon, I decided to cocktail the two together in the palm of my hand, blend and leave on for 30 minutes. The duo hydrated my hair (which is heavily color processed), sealed the cuticle, created smooth strands and improved elasticity with its abundance of shea butter. Since my initial treatment of the combined products, I have been doing the treatment twice per week.

Here’s a summary of the goods:

– K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator were made for damaged, frizzy, unruly and dry hair
– Loaded with decadent shea butter, amino acids and rich proteins
– Deep conditioning treatments
– Products can be used separately or together (as proven above!)
– Improves protection, manageability and overall elasticity

Hair need a little help? Pick up these products and many more at Here’s to a perfect weekend!


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