Stuck on You: Prosnack Diet

Best way to start the day

Best way to start the day

Protein on the go

Protein on the go

One of my biggest sources of gratitude in life is my health. I avidly try to remind myself to appreciate my body and mind for their incredible ability to improve. That being said, I have a great love for fitness.

In my opinion, health is a dual focused objective including remaining active and putting the right fuel into your body. I do not claim that there is one way to eat (I haven’t eaten meat in 8 years, I don’t eat wheat, and I avoid dairy, which obviously does not work for everyone) however, I do believe in the philosophy of eating with purpose.

In maintaining the balance between health and obsession, I fill the void (and my sugar infatuation) with Prosnack’s Elevate Me bars. The variety of eight flavors are all wheat (gluten) free, and high in both protein and fibre. They are made simply using a collection of energy sources including almonds, apples, bananas, dates, cranberries and raisins. At just 240 calories a piece and loaded with 16 grams of protein these bars are easy grab and go snacks before the gym, or as an ideal breakfast paired with an apple and a coffee (my personal fave!)

The company, Prosnack, based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, recently released three of their four single serving breakfast oatmeals, expanding their product offering. These low calorie (215 per serving) offer 10 grams of protein, plenty of fibre and again, are wheat free, making them suitable for gluten intolerant and Celiac affected people. This past week, I’ve been having one of these perfectly proportioned oatmeals pre-workout, and the results have been phenomenal. My workouts are super charged, and I feel as though I’ve eaten enough to sustain my training sessions. My personal favorite is the Cocoa Coconut Chia, although I have yet to try the final flavour, Maple Brown Sugar Chia.

So if you’re trying to simplify your diet, lose wight, reduce your refined sugar intake or improve your overall, pick up one of these delicious, must have bars next time you’re at the grocer. Bon appetit!

Products available for sale here:


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