Product Feature Friday: K-Pak by Joico Liquid Reconstructor

Another K-Pak Fave.

Another K-Pak Fave.

It goes without saying that my hair health would not be nearly as impressive without the help of K-Pak by Joico products. After using the line’s Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner, Smoothing Balm, Revitaluxe, Deep Penetrating Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator, welcoming the Liquid Reconstructor was an immediate positive choice and addition.

The liquid protein spray, which comes in a 300 milliliter bottle, is best for damaged, fine hair types, as it provides lightweight support and provides the ability to gradually rebuild the hair follicle with regular use. In fact, the formula also prevents color loss and fade, encourages elasticity and gives virgin like shine to experienced hair. The nozzle evenly distributes the amino acid rich product from tips to roots. Usage directions are simple: Cleanse hair, towel dry then spray Joico Liquid Reconstructor all over the head (I even did the whip and flip to get full 360 hair protection).

My hair was noticeably shinier, softer and easier to manipulate when styling. Liquid Reconstructor also encouraged my hair’s natural curl to step into the spotlight; in fact, after spritzing the product on, I let my hair air dry to near perfection (with a few minor flat iron touch ups).

What I love most about this product besides its incredibly motivating results, is the fact that it can be sprinkled onto damp hair, then followed up with any other favorite styling product. It sets the mood for a good hair day, and who doesn’t want that? Happy Friday everyone; make it great!


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