Product Feature Friday: Seaflora Potent Sea Kelp Facial Masque


Purely Perfect Skin

Seaflora, a certified organic, natural skincare line was proudly developed off the coast of Vancouver Island. The company is the only one in the world to use raw, high quality, natural products such as wild seaweed, ocean mud and marine elements to produce their sustainable and effective products.

To begin my collection of trails with various Seaflora products, I choose to start with the Potent Sea Kelp Facial Masque.

The masque is completely unique; I have never once used a product quite like it with its flaked and lumpy texture. The product applies easily; because it is so thick, not much is needed to dab onto the entire face or particular area. In fact, the masque applies in bits and pieces of seaweed. With its subdued scent and appearance, you will know its dry once it has morphed from a soft, mint green hue to brown from oxidizing.

The mask also packs a serious punch with its ingredients. Containing certified organic phaeophyta, chlorophyll and certified organic chamomile, skin is left completely rejuvenated like a day at the spa. The product increases energy to cells to heal irritated skin and detoxify, it also protects and supports collage production and soothes in healing agitated skin.

This masque is universal in that is designed to be well suited for every skin type, leaving skin nourished and balanced; something we all aim for. Say goodbye to redness, inflammation, dryness and blemishes by simply applying the product to the face (or affected area) twice weekly.

In order to use, simply cleanse the face as you would in your regular routine, then take a small amount of product onto the pad of your fingers and glide it on. After ten minutes, remove the product with warm water and a face cloth to reveal detoxified, calm skin, and a clarified complexion.

What weekend starts better than with healthy, flawless skin? Enjoy yours!

Product available at

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