Another Year Older: 19 Things I’ve Learned, Experienced and Accomplished

Today is not just any Wednesday; 24 years ago today, I was born. I thought I would celebrate the day with a personal post of relived memories from the year past as it was the best one yet. There might be something really wonderful in this whole getting older concept.

1. Had the best imaginable birthday ever in Whistler, March 2013
2. Spent more time outside and may have learned to enjoy hiking (Kind of)
3. Went skiing and skating
4. Did my first group (family) fitness challenge with Mud, Sweat and Tears
5. Managed to balance a crazy school/work schedule and graduated with a business degree
6. Swam and paddle boarded in the ocean
7. Spent more time with people who enhance my life
8. Felt less guilt
9. Ate food with purpose (What your body needs and wants are worlds different)
10. Had my tea leaves read
11. Began recognizing my skills and asked for help when I needed it
12. Learned how to take a compliment a bit better
13. Finally did an unassisted pull up! (After years of practicing…)
14. Felt great pride in watching my sister live her dreams (She’s travelling a large part of the world right now and I miss her terribly)
15. Learned to stand up for myself
16. Nearly mastered my daily makeup routine
17. Only apologized when I truly meant it (I try to never overuse the word sorry)
18. Fell in love with a friend
19. Learned to love and appreciate myself just a little bit more

Life Learned.

Life Learned.


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