Product Feature Friday: Joico Style & Finish Humidity Blocker

Weather resistant hold.

Weather resistant hold.

First things first. I have naturally wavy/curly hair, which behaves in whichever way it chooses depending on the day. That being said, I rarely flat iron my hair to achieve straight locks because the moment I leave the house, my pretty hair is completely disheveled and left in its originally curly state.

And that is preciously why I cannot express my love for Joico’s Humidity Blocker. The aerosol spray from the Style & Finish line works unbelievably well to maintain any style using a light weight hold (I really don’t opt for crunchy, stiff hair, as I’m sure you don’t either!)

To use, the Joico team recommends spraying the Blocker 10 inches from hair to create a shield against weather and style loss. I washed my hair, applied a styling oil once towel dried then sprayed my hair all over with the Blocker. I then continued to blow dry (the product actually reduces dry time when applied to damp hair) and straighten my hair. Just as I was finishing, I misted the product all over my tresses and brushed through once again for a final time.

The lightweight yet effective hold of Joico’s Humidity Blocker held all night, and the next day too! The morning after waking up from a night out dancing, I climbed out of bed with nearly poker straight hair, simply in need of a few minor touch ups. Achieve frizz free, smooth hair that holds it’s style without heavy weight pulling it down. That being said, Humidity Blocker works well on curly hair styles too!

Invisible, flexible and weightless, Joico’s Humidity Blocker challenges any environmental enemy to preserve and protect your style. Wear your hair how you intended. Happy Friday!


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