Product Feature Friday: Seaflora Soothing Sea Kelp Soak



Not much compares to a hot bath. It’s a simple, effective cure to endless issues including sickness, sore muscles, stress and insomnia.

In an effort to relax my tired muscles after a week of fitness, I test drove Seaflora’s Sea Kelp Soak, which is suitable for any skin type. Made with natural Pacific sea salts, the bath additives balance and manage the body’s electrolytes (which are incredibly important as they conduct energy in our bodies!) Even more, the soak contains certified organic chlorophyta, phaeophyta, ulva lactuca and macrocystis to refine pores, detoxify and boost circulation.

This gentle, unique soak aids in the removal of eczema (when used in a lukewarm bath, not hot) and imperfections. To use, simply pour a generous amount into the tub and hop in for a 15-20 minute soak. I used the salts near bedtime and enjoyed a healthy, restful sleep, waking up to a far more peaceful body.

Tone, clarify, rehydrate, relax, and restore the body’s vitamins this weekend simply with Seaflora.

Product available at


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