Product Feature Friday: Seaflora Detoxifying Fucus Body Wash

Saeflora's Body Wash

Seaflora’s Body Wash

There’s something I like about using bar soap, I always have. However, because of the fact that it alters skin’s natural pH level, and often leaves skin feeling quenched of moisture, I try to stick to body washes. This week, I tried out Seaflora’s Detoxifying Fucus Wash.

First off, the cleanser does not foam, which I noted almost automatically, however, it does exfoliate and cleanse dramatically well without the need for much product. I dabbed a bit onto my loofah and applied it all over. The product worked incredibly well to slough off dry, uneven patches, but I had to remain diligent in not overusing the powerful product. As an added note, when exfoliating, always start from your toes, and work towards your heart for improved circulation.

Loaded with skin benefiting organic ingredients such as ocean mud, fucus rockweed, nereocystis, ulva lactuca, alfalfa, chamomile, red clover and corn glucose, this body wash mildly, yet effectively cleanses and protects the skin, as well as reduces redness. In addition, Seaflora’s wash removes toxins trapped within the skin, hydrates, and improves circulation through aiding in replenishing lost vitamins and minerals.

Another product suitable for daily use and all skin types, including those with acneic skin. Happy Friday, all!

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