Product Feature Friday: Joico Body Luxe Volumizing Elixir

Weightless volume.

Weightless volume.

The final gem in my Joico collection of product features (for now) is the Volumizing Elixir from the Body Luxe line.

As mentioned in previous posts, Joico offers a variety of product lines to suit your hair’s needs. This product, found within the oat rich Body Luxe line, most certainly adds noticeable density to fine hair, boosting volume and texture. Because this elixir is made using oats, it is suitable for Celiacs and those with gluten sensitivities (in fact, the entire Body Luxe line is!) After use, my hair automatically felt fuller. I have to say my favorite note about this product is the way it held my style. I am on day three of wearing my hair curly and it still looks great! I simply brushed through my morning bedhead and re-curled the areas in need of touch ups. With a hold factor of 3/10, this product brings the volume, enriches hair follicles, but will not create crunchy hold or stiff strands.

To use, I first washed my hair, then allowed it to dry until damp. I then applied a small amount (no more than a dime) to my hair. I suggest starting at the bottom of your hair then working up as the product is quite rich. Also, I strongly recommend using less than you feel you need; the dime sized amount will do. I then allowed my hair to air dry to a thickened state, applied a small bit of styling oil and added a few barrel curls to complete my look.

Joico’s Volumizing Elixir was designed for limp, fine hair; it works to promote density throughout the hair, allowing it to style better and look fuller (yes please!) Hair is transformed into rich, full strands; every girl’s dream fulfilled. Happy Friday, beauty lovers.


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