Product Feature Friday: Seaflora Wild Rockweed Exfoliant

Refreshed, renewed.

Refreshed, renewed.

I believe that no matter your age or gender, exfoliating is a must. Gentle exfoliating renews the skin by sloughing off the first layer to freshen the surface. This week I tried out Seaflora’s mild yet effective version. The Wild Rockweed Exfoliant is a full body product that has a granular texture, allowing it to deeply cleanse pores as well as stimulate circulation.

I really liked that the exfoliant was not severe on the skin; in fact, it was soft enough to use on the face, although it is best to use a designated facial product. After using the paste, my skin felt like cashmere; free of imperfections, smooth and non oily.

The Rockweed Exfoliant is suitable for everyday use, and for every skin type, especially those of us with sensitive skin. As always, to remove toxins and improve circulation, rubbing in a circular motion towards the heart is best.

In regards to organic ingredients, Seaflora’s Rockweed Exfoliant contains ocean mud, fucus rockweed and nereocystis (and rich kelp). The fucus rockweed actually assists in cleansing and healing skin, as well as in regenerating healthy cell production. In addition, the ocean mud removes impurities and toxins from within the skin’s layers.

My skin has reaped the benefits of Seaflora’s organic product line thus far. I look forward to sharing the final two products in my sample set in the coming weeks. To purchase your own Seaflora goods, simply stop by


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