Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Dramatically Longer Mascara

Lush, long lashes.

Lush, long lashes.

I am a complete sucker for new mascara. Although they all claim to do approximately the same thing be it lengthen or thicken, I can’t help but get caught up in the marketing terminology. I mean, who wouldn’t want doe, defined, dramatic, colossal, curled, cat, plumped, bombshell, voluminous lashes?!

I often feature a luxury skincare line which I frequent called Skeyndor, from Spain on my blog. You may remember a while back I posted about the company’s Volume Mascara (the post can be seen here: Well this week I tested the power product’s sister, Dramatically Longer Mascara.

The first notable difference between the two is the brush. Dramatically Longer features a thermoplastic brush, which makes separating lashes easy. Before ever applying mascara, I always curl my lashes and depending on the occasion, apply a primer. Primer allows for further length and width to be added to lashes. With Dramatically Longer mascara, I found that using a primer was nearly unnecessary; the product creates extensive lashes on it’s own. Moreover, the product applies with ease and dries incredibly quickly allowing me to finish my morning makeup routine with a second lash curl even faster. This mascara boasts a smooth formula; easily applied and removed, and simple application without clumping or mess making.

I prefer having the lengthening and building options side by side in my cosmetics case, but if I had to choose, I would gravitate towards the Volumizing Mascara, as I prefer a widened lash line versus a lengthened one, and I love the soft brush.

Interested in more mascara? Visit my post on Cherry Blooms Fibre Eyelash Extensions here: Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


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