Product Feature Friday: Seaflora Wild Sea Kelp Body Lotion

Seaflora's take on body lotion

Seaflora’s take on body lotion

This past week, I test drove Seaflora’s Wild Sea Kelp Body Lotion. The formula is nearly scent free, hydrates deep into the skin and leaves no oily residue, which is exceedingly important to me.

Yet another organic, natural product that provides results Seaflora’s Body Lotion prioritizes severely dry, thirsty skin with its mixture of healing ingredients. I prefer this lotion to many of my other beauty products which claim to soothe and restore dry skin, but really lead to continuous dry skin, yet are packed full of fragrance (a common rating distraction in my opinion).

To apply, start with a small bit of product, as I found less was more due to its healing nature. The texture is beautiful; soft and milk like. I found this product was ideal for moisturizing my hands; I liked having the ability to massage the cream into my fingers and palms and be able to use them soon after (no residue, no oils left behind). As always, Seaflora’s Body Lotion was made for every skin type, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. The company staple seems to be effectively pleasing everyone.

Proven to soften and refresh tired skin, intensely moisturize, calm skin conditions such as acne and eczema, this daily cream is rich enough to blanket the skin in moistness, yet light enough not to cause imperfections. Containing certified organic phaeophyta, aloe vera leaf juice and sunflower oil, Seaflora’s Body Lotion repairs, nourishes and soothes inflammation. With summer on its way, Seaflora’s Wild Kelp Body Lotion is sure to become a beach bad staple.

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