Product Feature Friday: Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Collection

Skeyndor skincare hailing from Spain is no stranger to All Things Business Beautiful. This week, I’m featuring the line’s latest collected titled Power Hyaluronic. Hyaluronic’s principal purpose is to rehydrate every skin type by balancing the skin’s natural hydrodynamics. Allow me to explain…

There are four products found within the collection including the Intensive Moisturizing Cream, the Intensive Moisturizing Emulsion, the Moisturizing Booster and the line’s Deep Moisturizing Mask. I had the opportunity to try out all, excluding the mask which was unavailable at my time of trial. The Moisturizing Cream and Emulsion envelope the skin in silk individually, but when paired with the Moisturizing Booster they work wonders.

The Emulsion was designed for those of us with combination to oily skin as it’s a bit lighter, while the Cream suits dry skin as it wraps thirsty skin in a rich texture. The face and neck moisturizers work incredibly well alone, but when mixed with the Moisturizing Booster, which is quite literally a light, dry oil, they penetrate deeply into the skin’s surface.

The line hydrates the skin for a full 24 hours, improving overall hydration and softening fine lines and deeper wrinkles over time. The key ingredients making the line effective include hyaluronic acid and aquaporin activator. Hylauronic acid is naturally made within the body; its purpose is to retain moisture, much like a sponge holding far more than its body weight in water. Aquaporins are known as membrane proteins. They are responsible for the transportation of water from cell to cell. The also aid in creating a barrier from harmful environmental pollutants and aid in skin care.

The product is recommended for people over the age of twenty and is safe for daily use.

This line did not disappoint, but it has yet to take first place over Global Lift by Skeyndor. You can read more about Global Lift here: Happy Friday, pretties!

Hydration for dehydration.

Hydration for dehydration.

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