Friday Friday Moments

Another summer week has passed by making me grateful once again for the weekend. I'm staying in town this Saturday and Sunday (as I've been jet setting a wee bit too much as of late) and looking forward to a little retail therapy paired with some outdoor adventures. Here's to a bright and cheerful break … Continue reading Friday Friday Moments


Friday Five Moments

Nothing truly beats a long weekend. This Friday is a post completely dedicated to Canada Day long weekend. A magical weekend spent on the Sunshine Coast taking in local markets and bands, ocean time on the paddle boards and sea doos and plenty of relaxation. It's Friday, go enjoy!Winding path | A group of us … Continue reading Friday Five Moments

The Beauty Philosophy of Me

Since leaving the working world of beauty, I've been reflecting on what I believe is important when it comes to pampering. I completed this (inconclusive) list to share my powder room basics. 1. Coconut oil for everything | There is not one task this miracle product cannot manage. It not only helps to create delicious … Continue reading The Beauty Philosophy of Me