The Beauty Philosophy of Me

Sophia Loren: 60's Siren

Sophia Loren: 60’s Siren

Since leaving the working world of beauty, I’ve been reflecting on what I believe is important when it comes to pampering. I completed this (inconclusive) list to share my powder room basics.

1. Coconut oil for everything | There is not one task this miracle product cannot manage. It not only helps to create delicious fish dishes and roasted vegetables (which both keep your skin gorgeous) it also deeply moisturizes, removes makeup, conditions hair and brightens your teeth (if you’re into oil pulling, that is).

2. Use more oils | Like I said before, there’s nothing quite like oils for beauty. I use a variety for my skin, body and hair.

3. Dry brush your body | Yet another beauty must: dry brushing. A colleague I once worked with recommended dry brushing once per week. She was quite clear in her directions: dry brush your entire body in an upwards direction towards your heart. Next rinse off in a freezing cold shower for as long as you can stand it, then carry on in a warm temperature shower. The results are always incredible for producing soft, smooth, glowing skin.

4. You get what you pay for, for the most part | It rings true time and time again. Once in a while I do find a beauty product that is nearly free of charge and works wonders. However, for the most part, I pay for finer products and receive finer results.

5. Get enough rest | This one is simple enough. More sleep equals no bags, fresh skin, an alert mind and a decrease in appetite (as if you needed another reason!)

6. Concoct natural scrubs with oils | I love nothing more than a handmade face and body scrub conjured up with coconut oil, olive oil, and essentials oils such as peppermint, lavender and tea tree. A terrific, simple to make body scrub follows: Olive oil, sugar and coffee grinds for a smooth, delightfully scented shower.

7. Epsom salt baths | In order to relax fatigued muscles, taking a warm bath in Epsom salts does the trick. Epsom salts reduce the feeling of heavy, tired legs by breaking down built up lactic acid in the body.

8. Facial steaming | This has got to be one of my top favorite beauty beliefs. My skin has been problematic for the majority of my life. When it’s particularly frustrating, I simply boil a kettle of water and pour it into a metal bowl with added essential oils. I then wash my face and place a towel over my head while inhaling the steam. It can be a bit overwhelming, but the skin clearing benefits make it completely worth it.

9. Enjoy the sun, in moderation | I used to be a sun worshiper until I started taking a look around. I, like most, appreciate the short summer months and achieving a golden glow, but with each passing hot season, I get more and more aware of the damage done by the sun. That’s why I now refuse to sunbathe for extended periods of time without coverage.

10. Find your everyday cut and best suiting colour | I struggled with this one for years. My hair has been nearly every colour (Okay, I never dabbled in red) but I know my lights to darks. I’ve finally tailored my hair colour with the help of my professional stylist to a blend of low and highlights. I also know ever to cut my hair too short and to keep long layers.

11. Find a good esthetician | Although I try, I simply can’t produce an impressive manicure or pedicure. That’s why I leave nail work, along with waxing to the pros. Hey, I figure I can’t be good at everything and those beauticians went to school for a reason!

12. Quest out your colour palette | This takes time. Along with experimenting with hair shades, comes experiencing with skin shade seasons (from fair to tan) and finding your perfect makeup palette. Over the years I’ve learned to favour certain shades of lipstick and blush and to strategically place my bronzer. A few of my favorite MAC lipsticks include: Chatterbox, Creme Cup, Impassioned, Pink Nouveau, Saint Germain and Speed Dial. My favorite blushes include Coralista by Benefit and Petal which is found exclusively at Nova Beauty.

13. Define your beauty idols | Recently, I’ve been travelling to years past to better understand the beauty and fashion movements of previous decades. I’m really relating to Bridget Bardot of the 50’s, Sophia Loren and Natalie Wood in the 60’s and Bo Derek in the 70’s.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty Philosophy of Me

    • deanasrdic says:

      Hi! Thanks for commenting. I use a Mandalay dry brush which is found at my local beauty distributor, Nova Beauty. However, Target sells great ones (with longer handles) by Sonia Kashuk.

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