Friday Five Moments

I appreciate summer for its unneeded layers and goose bump free mornings, yet, like most, I am ready for a cozy autumn. This summer was one for the books: moving to a new city, beginning my career, managing a variety of long distance relationships, traveling nonstop and finally moving (again!) to a new home. That … Continue reading Friday Five Moments


Stuck on You: Dream Home Bar

After being contacted by the avant-garde team at, I agreed to create my dream home bar featuring one of their exquisite home furnishings.Although I do not drink often, nor do I have a home bar, I enjoyed experimenting with my imagination to craft what I would like in the future. I see my home … Continue reading Stuck on You: Dream Home Bar

Dream Big: 2014 Goals Revisited

It's August, and with only 5 months left of 2014, I thought what better time to check in with where I'm at since January's new years goals. To view my original 2014 goals, click this link.Beauty | I most definitely have been deep conditioning and masquing my hair more often. Summer helps with its humidity allowing me … Continue reading Dream Big: 2014 Goals Revisited