Dream Big: 2014 Goals Revisited



It’s August, and with only 5 months left of 2014, I thought what better time to check in with where I’m at since January’s new years goals. To view my original 2014 goals, click this link.

Beauty | I most definitely have been deep conditioning and masquing my hair more often. Summer helps with its humidity allowing me to step away from the heat styling tools, as well. I have been wearing far more lipstick, however I think I’ve gotten comfortable with my five minute makeup routine and I’m okay with it. I used to feel as though I needed to more experimental, but I think I’ve finally come to peace with my cosmetic character. In regards to fashion, working in the professional business world means less fashion risks. However, I am planning on investing a little more in my autumn/winter wardrobe.

Personal Growth | That five year plan is still daunting me, but I have in fact started to list accomplishments which I hope to have met within the next five years, August 2019. Furthermore, I am eager to begin working with my life coach again in the coming months.

Professional and Educational | Luckily, my current position has given me the Adobe tools and time I need to learn key programs including Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. I have made a conscious effort to ensure that my blog posts are consistent and more personalized through photography. In regards to doing something completely unexpected, that is a 2014 win. I finally made the move to the Mainland in late April, and have been loving it here ever since.

Health | Barring the fact that it’s summer, I have, in fact, been drinking more tea. My gym workouts have been limited to four times weekly with an additional run or hike most weeks. I have been taking in plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, and allowing myself to indulge without guilty. This category is a win thus far!


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