Friday Five Moments

I appreciate summer for its unneeded layers and goose bump free mornings, yet, like most, I am ready for a cozy autumn. This summer was one for the books: moving to a new city, beginning my career, managing a variety of long distance relationships, traveling nonstop and finally moving (again!) to a new home. That being said, I wish nothing but peace and relaxation for you in the upcoming days.



On and on | A year and a half later B and I continue to develop our relationship. The past 18 months have felt like a never ending amusement park of enjoyment. I was pleasantly surprised when these (hand selected) beauties showed up at my desk on Tuesday afternoon.

Wash closet

Wash closet

All mine | On the first of September I embark on my own path into my solo living situation. I can’t wait to experience creating my own space, and learning to live with the peace (and loneliness) of living in solitude. This opportunity is a guaranteed path for learning which I cannot wait for.

Rooftop oasis.

Rooftop oasis (Via Google Images)

NYC | I don’t have a Bucket List… yet. However, I do have a few places that I would like to see at some point within my life. Topping that list is New York, so… I booked it! I take off in February to acquaint myself with the bright lights, big city. This photo stream has been inspiring me; I will most definitely be taking in a NY sunrise during my stay.

We run the world, girls

We run the world, girls

Reflections | The older I get the higher value I place on creating a calming environment and on ensuring I am actively bettering my relationships daily. Excited to forge new friendships and minimize the ones that are causing me grief,

The mountain in the family

The mountain in the family

Home away from home | After an insanely busy summer of moving cites, beginning my formal career, and balancing relationships city to city, I spent last weekend in pure delight and relaxation at my home away from home in Agassiz, BC. Visiting family and spending a day in pajamas watching movies was the medication I needed to carry on with the upcoming week.


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