Friday Five Moments

Hello September! What a busy past two weeks it’s been. I am officially moved into my new place and thrilled to be here. I plan on posting photos as my little home slowly comes together bit by bit. After a memorable summer of three long weekends, July, August and September spent on the magical Sunshine Coast, plenty of visits to Victoria, and settling into my new life, I am optimistic for the season change. I hope you are too!

Sweet summer
Sweet summer

Horseshoe | I got to know Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal this summer, and I absolutely adore it. With its remarkable views of West Vancouver and quaint shops I much prefer this area and commute in opposition to Swartz Bay or Tsawwassen.


Gone fishin’ | Never have I ever fished. My whole life I’ve been told by acquaintances, friends and family that ‘they would take me’, yet nothing ever transpired. September long weekend I went out on a particularly wavy day and caught a rock cod. The look on my face is pure elation.

Mt. Daniel
Mt. Daniel

Trails | I did manage to get out a few times to the outdoor gym: various hiking trails. The view was impressive on top of the Sunshine Coasts’ Mt. Daniel.

Night & day
Night & day

Sisters | My sister and I visited a few times this summer, which always leaves me feeling whole and inspired in some way or another. This photo instantly brings me to smile and reminds me of a weekend spent with my parents (and my sis momentarily).

Cake, cake, cake
Cake, cake, cake

Birthday babes | I never did realize until this year just how many August babies I know. The month brings a collection of summer baby soirees into my life not limited to my dear grandmother, aunt, a few of my friend’s sweet children, Jocelyn and B. The month was spent celebrating, just the way I like it.


One thought on “Friday Five Moments

  1. Hi.. 🙂
    You live in Horseshoe bay?
    You gotta come into the city for a visit. You should come to idswest sept 26-28 , its my first big show 🙂
    Hows life, what brings you to UBay?
    Thanks again for the bday cards and wishes, you are so sweet

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