Must Haves: Best in Beauty

My best in beauty

My best in beauty

In my twenty four years of living, there has been no shortage of beauty trials. Although I have had experiences with the good, the bad and the ugly (I will never make blue eyeshadow work), I am grateful to have fine-tuned my beauty routine, to something I’m proud of.

In regards to my hair, I swear by switching my products. I keep Keune’s Derma Activating and Silver Reflex shampoo in my shower at all times. Step two to get gorgeous locks is finding a conditioner to fit your hair’s needs. I will admit, I favour a large quantity of conditioners, but Keune Care Line’s keratin boosting Smoothing conditioner Vital Nutrition keep my delicate locks well nourished.

As for a leave in treatment I lean towards Evolvh’s Ultra Repair Deep Treatment Masque. This rich product is good for one application per week. It keeps hair hydrated and strong.

After washing I let my wet hair absorb Joico’s Daily Treatment Leave In Conditioner and Detangler. This product is a must have; lightweight for fine and damaged hair, yet strong enough for healthy, thick hair. It calms flyways, detangles and softens hair. If I am doing a blow out, I follow Joico’s Daily Care Treatment with Unite’s Lazer Straight balm. This product relaxes unruly hair instantly and leaves it smelling like fresh baked cookies.

To style, I swear my by BaByliss Pro 1 inch straightening iron and barrel curling iron. They work hand in hand to achieve my desired style. For days when I am feeling a little more saucy, I shift to Wahl’s curling wand. This 1 and quarter inch tool is ideal for sexy, night out waves which always draw compliments.

Moving on the skincare, I am incredibly selective when it comes to what works on my particular skin. I swear by Cyclic Nano Silver technology; this face washing bar keeps skin hydrated, but removes impurities after little more than one application. The silver is targeted for treating problematic skin, while the pink is rich in collage to stave off aging effects. To get clear skin quick, Seaflora’s Potent Sea Kelp Facial Masque. This organic, all natural, seaweed packed product layers onto the skin and wards off blemishes; a completed skincare staple!

As for makeup, I use a variety of products, but I lean toward a combination of Skeyndor’s mascaras and Cherry Blooms Fibre Eyelash Extensions. Ensuring that my lashes are in top shape (with added helped from Nouriche for growth) I add in one of my favorite MAC lip shades. I completed my look with mineral makeup by Your Name.

My daily beauty done easily alongside with Nova. For more information visit Nova Beauty’s Facebook page here.


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