Friday Five Moments

And just like that, January ended. Balancing life has been more of a juggling act as of late, but somehow, I'm staying afloat. I finally made the time to offer a quick check in, with five things that kept me smiling this week. I'm curious to know, who out there made New Years resolutions? Goals? … Continue reading Friday Five Moments


Welcoming 2015

During the last quarter of 2014, I found myself completely caught up, as I usually am living in the future, thinking all about 2015. Needless to say, I’m truly looking forward to being another year older and being able to refocus on fresh goals. Here’s what I have in store. Social Celebrate every holiday of … Continue reading Welcoming 2015

Friday Five Moments

Like most, the holidays are often spent among the likes of loved ones celebrating seasonal traditions and the year past. I sincerely hope that you Christmas and New Year soirees brought you much happiness. 2014 was an incredible ride for me, and I cannot wait to see unravel the secrets of 2015. Stay tuned for … Continue reading Friday Five Moments