Welcoming 2015

Photography by my talented sister, Daniela Hartshorn. View more at www.danielahartshorn.com.

Photography by my talented sister, Daniela Hartshorn. View more at http://www.danielahartshorn.com.

During the last quarter of 2014, I found myself completely caught up, as I usually am living in the future, thinking all about 2015. Needless to say, I’m truly looking forward to being another year older and being able to refocus on fresh goals. Here’s what I have in store.

Celebrate every holiday of the year (Even if in a minor way)
Focus my additional energy on one of my closest friend’s weddings this summer
Learn to pack smarter (It has to be my least favourite thing to do)
See Furious 7 with my stepdad (A tradition we created years ago)

Physical & Health Related
Continue to work on my personal fitness and diet goals
Keep my diet options open (I’ve just now started eating chicken after 10 years!)
Monitor my heart rate more often

Occupational & Financial
Save a predetermined amount monthly
Create a cleaner, more organized budget
Build my advertising design skills through Adobe
Fine tune my time management skills
Keep working on my 5 year plan which I started in August 2014
Network in the last half of 2015

Practice being present
Practice more visualization and positive self talk
Have more confidence in who I am and the decisions I make

Continue to put in the extra effort within meaningful friendships, and let the other ones dissipate
Tell my sister that I love her more often

Go outside more often!
Wake up earlier to enjoy the sunshine as it comes

Read more professional and personal enjoyment books


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