Friday Five Moments

And just like that, January ended. Balancing life has been more of a juggling act as of late, but somehow, I’m staying afloat. I finally made the time to offer a quick check in, with five things that kept me smiling this week. I’m curious to know, who out there made New Years resolutions? Goals? Are you persisting? Happy weekend ahead!



Lady love | The wedding of the year is on its way. Five of us girls got together for a weekend of planning in Victoria and searching for the perfect dress. Nothing beats a weekend chatting until all hours of the night with your girls (although the insane wind storm didn’t help with falling asleep!)

"Simplicity is the keynote of all elegance" Coco Chanel

“Simplicity is the keynote of all elegance” Coco Chanel

Scriptures | One of my darling friends (the type that anything goes and a filter is never needed) recently sent me this magical notebook with an inscribed Coco Chanel quote. I plan on capturing 2015 within its pages.

Pre-packing spa Saturday

Pre-packing spa Saturday

All aboard | This weekend has me prepping for my my upcoming venture to New York. It’s quite cold there, so I plan on living in layers and thick sweaters. Before getting to the baggage, I enjoyed a Saturday spent spa side. I selected Essie’s Got Engaged! for my fingernails and Bahama Mama for my toes.

Every day. Image via Google.

Every day. Image via Google.

Inspo | I recently committed to a goal which at first, was seriously daunting. As each day passes, my goal sets in deeper, and I’m slowly learning to control my own thoughts. I’ve got a great support group which makes my goal that much more visible. I look at this quote daily to help to keep me on track.

Fish feet!

Fish feet!

Sushi socks | My previous employer and long time friend found me this sushi themed card by my favorite stationary company and these sushi covered socks. The man knows my weakness, and it comes in the form of raw fish!


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