Age 25: Celebrating 19 Things I’ve Learned and Acheived

In light of my recent twenty-fifth birthday, I’m sharing a personal post highlighting nineteen things I have accomplished and learned over the past calendar year. After an incredible day and weekend filled with my friends and family, I’m convinced there’s something really wonderful in this whole getting older concept.

Quarter century calmness

Quarter century calmness

1. Started my career in a new city
2. Built my brand daily through the use of social media and writing
3. Learned how to properly weight train and slowed down on aggressive cardio
4. Although I believe in being financially aware, I realized money truly isn’t everything
5. Determined the value of babies and animals as soul softeners and smile inducers
6. Discovered that my family and health are the single most important things to me
7. Learned to invest time and money in myself (Still working on the art of balance)
8. Practiced listening and always asked more questions
9. Fine tuned my diet (Chicken and I lasted 3 months; our relationship is through!)
10. Asked for help shamelessly and admitted my shortcomings
11. Found the serenity in having my own place surrounded by my own furniture
12. Committed to a fitness goal
13. Became a bridesmaid!
14. Wrote a 5 year plan (Which is always a work in progress)
15. Edited many of my friendships (Some disappeared while others prospered)
16. Traveled to New York
17. Recognized the value of taking an interest in other’s lives
18. Learned to visualize my goals
19. Learned how to love without restrictions


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