Diamond earrings

Friday Five Moments

And just like that, April has arrived. After a lengthy four day Easter weekend (which could have gone better), I made my focus this week to get myself back on track with the simple things in life: Getting enough rest, having a daily dose of sunshine and prioritizing projects. Here’s to a better weekend ahead!

Diamond earrings


Gifts of gold | Swarovski can’t be beat. B gifted me these beautiful gold, Angelic collection stud earrings and sweet smelling candles for my twenty-fifth.



Stationary | Retired or not, I’ve always been a Betsey Johnson fan. This adorable pen even writes in pink.

French press

My mornings

Leisure | Although I trust my Keurig to brew my coffee first thing (freshly ground beans, not K-Cups), I love this pink French press. The flavour is delicious and I like being able to linger over two cups.



Stand by me | …Cause’ we all need somebody to lean on. This sweet spring floral reminds me that I have someone who loves me for me.

Burnaby Lakes

Burnaby Lakes

Walks | I’ve been committed to walking as of late. Easter Monday morning was spent with the ducks and geese at Burnaby Lake.


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