My Ultimate Fitness Journey

It all started December 1, 2014…

Moment in time

Moment in time

The reason | For those of you who know me, I’ve always been an active girl. I grew up playing soccer and belly dancing. As I got into my teens I started running. I’ve done 5 KMS, 10 KMS and one half marathon. Since the move to the mainland, I had been feeling uninspired; I went to the gym daily, but without a goal.

That’s when I met my trainer who had just placed top 5 (a win) in her bikini category. She looked directly at me and said, “Why don’t you compete?” I bumbled around trying to find the words and eventually said “Oh no, I’m not shaped for that. I’m too big.” Immediately after that conversation, it was all I could think about. Why would someone like her believe in me…

Month 1 | Fast forward to December 1 and I committed. This month I had a few basic goals which included reminding myself that I loved my current body, completing stabilization training (prep for the actual program), visualizing myself entering the competition, working on my overall posture and knocking out processed sugars. I did quite well in December and only indulged on Christmas and Boxing day.

Month 2 | January I started phase one of three. I was a bit stressed knowing that the end of the month had me away from my training and diet to tour New York. I practiced eating my coach’s meal plan for the entire month with one enjoyment meal every Saturday. I managed quite well, and only slightly wavered in New York without worry. I didn’t want to look back on my vacation and have any regrets.

Month 3 | February 7 I started with my meal plan specialist, a personal trainer herself who competed for four years straight and provided diets to many (winning) competitors. The first month included a diet primarily of chicken to rev up my metabolism. The first two weeks were great, the second, not so much. My digestion grew worse and worse and I struggled to eat everything I was told to within the day. As a vegetarian of 10 years, I knew I needed to switch things up…

Month 4 | March, oh March. This month started off with a lack of fitness, lots of sugar (a definite no when training) and a miserable attitude. With my upcoming twenty-fifth birthday, it was hard to avoid all the sugar surrounding me. Couple that with an terribly sore tummy, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. I took a few days off of working out due to stomach pain and indulged in more sushi and peanut butter than I should have. Soon after the crash I re-motivated myself with the help of my family, friends, coach and meal planner. The second half of March I reminded myself daily that I was now less than 8 weeks out… It was now or never.

The end of March was a complete mess of emotions ranging from on top of the world (compliments came spilling in on my new physique and hard work) while I battled my self esteem dropping along with my weight.

Month 5 | April had me registering for the competition, practicing posing, purchasing shoes and deciding on my bikini. I spent the month traveling to the Sunshine Coast and to Victoria all while attempting to stay 100% focused on my workouts and meals. April 11 was my last official cheat meal, and I did it in good. I realized at this point that my binge habit needed to be a point of focus after the competition. The mood swings continued well into this month when switching between high and low carb weeks.

The debut | At 14 days out I felt nearly superhuman. Sure I wanted to look more toned and thinner in certain areas, but I knew I had worked hard to get to where I was and I had lost 22 pounds to date. I allowed myself to feel proud, but only for a moment. It hit me that I only had 8 more days of training left and I was determined to make them count (no more whining!)

On Saturday, May 9, the date of my show I never felt better.

Total pounds lost: 27
Total body fat lost: Approximately 5%

Final thoughts | This competition took an incredible amount of time and dedication. It was beyond taxing physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Throughout every high and low, I can tell you that the journey changed me inside forever. There are really positive bits, such as understanding the right kind of cardio for my body, the necessity of protein filled meals and proper form, but there’s also a steep cliff after your come off of a competition high. My body no longer feels good enough as weight creeps back and I have started to place entirely too much importance on my exterior appearance.

In conclusion, I want to wholeheartedly thank my immediate family, friends and B for their endless support. Those of you know who you are and words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you for believing in me. My next post will offer some health topics I learned along the way, as well as a budget breakdown of costs in case you plan on competing yourself.


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