Top Tips: Wellness

As a follow up to my recent post which described my journey to the stage, I decided to share a few of my personal pointers for remaining active and fit.



1. Stay hydrated. I drink, on average, 5 liters of water daily. When I tire of it, I simply add lemon. Water is also great with lime, cucumber and orange.
2. Front load those calories. I tend to eat the majority of my meals before 4 p.m. This gives me ample time to digest and ensure I have enough in my body to work with for my workout. In addition, I try to keep my dinners to just enough for a restful night of sleep.
3. Stay true to who you are. Being social is important, but so is your health! Don’t forget to put your needs first sometimes. That being said, find a form of fitness which suits your lifestyle.
4. Pump up the protein. Make protein the base of every meal you consume.
5. Glutamine gold mine. Pick up and start taking glutamine if you lift weights often. Your body will automatically thank you.
6. Don’t listen to the negativity. An old friend once told me, “Girls like us will never have abs”. Hurtful, cruel comments do not do anyone any good.
7. Go out for food once a week. This rule makes following a calculated meal plan simple knowing that come (Insert chosen day here) you get to enjoy.
8. Take time for you. During competition prep, I tried to make more time for things like getting my nails done, epsom salt baths, meaningful phone chats and writing.
9. Rest up. Between working, working out and food prep, most people have little free time. During times like these, I find that getting lots of rest really helps. When my head was too full to rest, I would write down my troubles.
10. Every time you fall, pick yourself back up. I love this quote, “When you look in the mirror, see no change and still keep the faith knowing that in time you will get there, that’s the difference between those who succeed and those who fail.” Hiccups are bound to occur, it’s all about your attitude in managing them.
11. Talk it out. If you’re really struggling with your wellness goals, pick up the phone. I can’t tell you how many times I leaned on those closest to me when I wanted to eat a little more or have an enjoyment meal. Count on those that lift you up.
12. Do whatever you can, not to compare yourself. I fall victim to this awful habit nearly daily. I often lose sight of my own accomplishments because I’m too busy looking at others. This path leads to self destruction. Always remember your worth (which is more than your physical being) and celebrate it!


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