Friday Five Moments

After a blissful weekend spent in warm Kelowna for my competition on May 9, I could hardly wait to share a small selection of best parts. Enjoying Thursday to Saturday night with family, whom I had missed terribly, most definitely made my month. Happy week ahead!

Sunshine and snow

Sunshine and snow

Mountain escape | Big White is always a vision of perfection, however this trip, the sun has felt as though it has never shone so bright. I was up early ever morning to write.

Mother's day morn

Mother’s day morn

Mum | In honour of my incredible mum, I spent Sunday in the kitchen making my famous vegan pancakes. They’re simple; toss a banana, almond milk and oats into a blender then pour into a frying pan or onto a griddle. I served them up with syrup, fresh fruit, and tasty Greek yogurt.



Cheap thrills | B and I spent time at Kelowna’s local mini golf course on a sunshine filled Sunday afternoon. We also got competitive at the town’s bowling alley after a delicious Indian dinner.



Family gifts | My mum and sister picked me up some meaningful gifts, post competition. They know the way to my heart: Peanut butter, chocolate and notebooks for words.



Warm words from work | The amount of support I garnered from colleagues while training, is something of which I am grateful for. This card, splattered with bright colours currently lives on my cork board.


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