Top Eats: Where to Dine in Victoria

Born in lush Victoria, B.C., Canada, I grew up spoiled by restaurants on top of restaurants to chose from. My diet has changed immensely over the years, and now I find myself reaching for local, organic and whole foods whenever possible. This list is a round up of restaurants I love (and miss!) in Victoria … Continue reading Top Eats: Where to Dine in Victoria


Friday Five Moments

Fridays seem to come often as of late. That being, said the weekends are ending earlier and earlier. This Saturday and Sunday, I plan on spending time among good friends, in the first of the summer sun. Bike bound | Riding Stanley Park is a favourite pastime of many Vacouverites. There's no better way to … Continue reading Friday Five Moments

Product Feature Friday: Joico Hair Shake

As a rule, I almost exclusively apply hair styling products to wet hair only. I’m not sure exactly when the habit formed, but for years I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair, then applied a styling product to my damp locks. With the recent release of Hair Shake by Joico, I was forced to step outside … Continue reading Product Feature Friday: Joico Hair Shake