Product Feature Friday: Joico Hair Shake

As a rule, I almost exclusively apply hair styling products to wet hair only. I’m not sure exactly when the habit formed, but for years I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair, then applied a styling product to my damp locks.

With the recent release of Hair Shake by Joico, I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone to test trial this dry hair styling pro.

Shake it off

Shake it off

Needless to say, start the summer drama. Volumize, texturize, lift and add depth to your locks. The product can be misted onto hair or sprayed into the palm of the hand for application. It creates texture, aiding in amplifying the current hair shape. When applied to naturally curly hair, hair was lifted and further defined. In comparison, when applied to flat ironed hair, Hair Shake added depth; hair looked and felt denser. Hair Shake is nearly a sea salt texturizer, but smoother. It lifts, adds volume and creates fullness, making it ideal for easy styling (sans heat), and as a base for enriching hair before an updo.

This product withholds its reputation and has earned its rave reviews and stylist hype! Get your hands on the product here.


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