Bridal weekend

Friday Five Moments

This summer is zipping by. With the influx of events around my dear friend’s wedding requiring much travel to the island, I’m spending this weekend in town unwinding. I’m quite looking forward to watching a baseball game, spending some time at the salon and brunching with a solid pal.

New orchid


Dainty | B has been making my end of daytime brighter by visiting me before our usual gym sesh. He dropped off this potted beauty to me; a welcome addition to my desk.

Nike sneakers

All the other kids…

Pumped up kicks | I was in desperate need for a new pair of sneakers for my new HIIT training program. I snagged these fresh off the line, retro vibed Nike kicks for afternoons spent training.

Bridal weekend

Shower & Stagette

Sea depths | The bridal party hosted Lizzie’s ‘under the sea’ themed Saturday afternoon shower, along with her ‘little black dress’ stagette evening. Visiting with the girls this past weekend had me reflecting on friendships, and grateful for the ones that remain.

Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Park

Dusk | Late last week, I stumbled upon a nearby oasis called Deer Lake Park. The lake boasts boat rentals, a four kilometer walking trail and a family of angry geese. I plan on going back with a picnic before summer’s end.

Family visits

There’s no place like home

Sundays on the patio | Having to travel to Victoria a lot does provide a golden opportunity for brief visits before the ferry with my beloved grandmother. ‘Baba’, as we refer to her, makes the best cup of coffee you can imagine and never fails to send me home with vegetables and fruits from her garden. My favorite treats include her tomatoes, zucchini, butter lettuce, apples, pears, plums and figs.


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