2015 Goals Revisited

Wouldn’t you agree; there’s something so lovely about autumn. After busy, social summers, we get a chance to snuggle into knits and enjoy tasty, warm beverages and simply hibernate. As we inch closer to the tenth month of 2015 (Halloween, hurray!), I’ve stopped to reassess my goals. Here are some of successes and shortcomings thus far.

Photography by my talented sister and brother in law. More at danielahartshorn.com.

Photography by my talented sister and brother in law. More at http://www.danielahartshorn.com.

Social | I never did end up seeing Furious 7 with my stepdad (living in separate cities can be a real downer), but I did manage to be the best bridesmaid possible (again, different cities can be a challenge) for my friend’s August 30 nuptials.

Physical | I started a new program on July 1 in which I am able to better understand the nutrition values of the food that I put into my body and how to lessen time spent doing repetitive cardio. I’ve undergoing a new three month challenge related to the program which I plan on sharing more details about soon.

Occupational | I’ve had plenty of professional development, networking and investment talk as of late. This category is a win.

Mental | I am working a ton on my mental goals which include a great new technique called tapping and repeating positive self talk to remind myself of my abilities. I am also working a great deal on being honest in my communication style. Albeit, oftentimes people are taken back, but I need to be true to myself which requires honesty.

Emotional | My sister and I have been chatting more, and naturally, I’m telling her that I love her more. I’m heading back to the island later this month for a full day of fall baking with her.

Environmental | Due to summer’s early sunrises, I did wake up earlier. I also have been running outside when visiting my parent’s on the island.

Spiritual | I am working my way through Simon Senek’s ‘Leaders Eat Last’, a terrific business read. Moreover, I start life coaching yet again in October.

With another few months to go, I look forward to seeing how far I’ll go in reaching my goals, in this tumultuous, yet blissful year.


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