Friday Five Moments

It’s been a hectic past few weeks within finally settling into the new place, attending various networking events and really coming to terms with where I’m at physically, emotionally and mentally. This weekend consists of the return of date night, takeout with a girlfriend and Sunday football with my boyfriend.

Deck hand

Deck hand

Courting in the courtyard | The view on a sunny, summer ending day from the extended patio at the new place. We’re just close enough to Richmond’s airport to enjoy nearly touchable airplanes, but far enough away from the sound.

Window decor

Shined up sills

The spot | I’ve been busy trying to make things feel more home like around the pad. This living room window sill serves little purpose so I prettified it to make more sense of the space.

Closet decor

Heels and hoodies

Closed doors | B thought it would be wise to create a closeted space to make room for bulky seasonal jackets and shoes. The closet is clean white, brightens the space up and makes use of an awkward cubby hole.

Bar stool and lamp

Stools & lamps | After searching high and low for the right bar stools and lamps to adorn the new place, and just when we had considered ourselves “bad shoppers” we stumbled upon these beauties. Just my style; industrial and masculine, with slight famine touches.

Fall fashion

Hudson’s Bay features

Fall preview | Although I tend to be cooped up in my office prioritizing tasks and lacking social expansion during the work week, it never fails to make me smile when seasonal fashion mail outs are always given to me on a “need to know” basis.

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