Friday Five Moments

It really is the best time of year. This week was the biggest of the year at work and the weekend wasn’t much less. Between visiting a new area of the mainland, my market haul (blood oranges are a must for me right now), a spa date, haunted house and packing for Calgary, there’s just enough time to squeeze in a bit of blogging. Happy weekend time.

Thanksgiving 2015


Thanksgiving 2014


Traditions | As mentioned, this Thanksgiving was quite different. Instead of venturing back to the island, I spent time with B’s family and my sister and brother in law visited. Her and I decided we like the idea of new traditions.



Polish | My good pal Kev went away to Eastern Europe and picked me up this authentic Polish bath salt in relaxing lavender for time spent recovering.



Dessert, always | When it comes to desserts, I’ve finally honed in my favourites list which include: whipped cream, icing, pecan pie, creme brulee, tiramisu and anything with peanut butter. B picked us up these paired mousse and whipped cream due for Saturday night sweets.

New coffee table

Wood + slate

Added | I’m picky. I’m choosy. I’m hard to please. When finding pieces for my new place, it has taken time. B’s dad, a master woodworker, offered to make us a coffee table that will grow with us. The refinished wood and slate table is better than I ever could have imagined.

Fall pedicure


Fall feet | Bright colours drift away with autumn, and this Essie shade fits my current mood.


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