Leopard print pumps

Friday Five Moments

Another glorious October weekend to look forward to starts now. As we drift into November, this weekend has me out for pizza with a man I can’t get enough of, watching scary movies (here’s looking at you, Paranormal Activity), pumpkin carving with a pal and avoiding the alluring ways of chocolate. Happy Halloween!

Halloween prep

Treat prep

Halloween costume

Sweet D’s Bakery

Costumed | This year I chose to pull inspiration from my mum, a Red Seal certified baker! I whipped this costume together complete with homemade cookies.

Lunch at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Champagne & Doughnuts

Grown up Halloween: Champagne & Doughnuts

Weekend eats | I’m relatively mindful throughout the week with what I consume. I try to choose foods with good nutritional profiles and density, but weekends are a time for fun. A new pizza place and Cartems unique flavoured doughnuts for dessert.

Burnaby Heights

The Heights

BBY | The mainland has much to offer. Each weekend I haul B out to explore a new area of our city. This shot was from Burnaby Heights a few weeks back. We’re off to SoMa (South Main) and Mount Pleasant this time around.

Candles for the home

Fall fragrances

Sensational | Nothing says nights spent in like slow burning candles in signature fall scents. I picked up these two locally made beauties, Milk & Honey and Spiced Pumpkin, to warm up the house as the weather gets worse for wear.

Leopard print pumps


Leopard legs | I spotted these keepers while shopping with a stylish girlfriend of mine in Calgary. They’re essentially everything I could have ever dreamed in a high heel and I can’t get enough of their neutral leopard appeal.

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