My personal #INJAFitChallenge goals:
1. To wholeheartedly trust B’s love for me. I would allow myself an 8/10 here.
2. To not follow in the footsteps of my family enjoying minimum food and partaking in maximum cardio. I would give myself a 10/10 here.
3. To build my own self confidence and not compare my physique to that of other women. I would give myself an 8/10 with this goal.
4. To measure all of my nut butters (a true weakness of mine). I would give myself a 10/10 with this objective.


Isn’t it so?

My personal #InjaFitChallenge goals:
1. To wholeheartedly trust B’s love for me.
2. To not follow in the footsteps of my family enjoying minimum food and partaking in maximum cardio.
3. To build my own self confidence and not compare my physique to that of other women.
4. To measure all of my nut butters (a true weakness of mine).

And so it begins…

Week 1: September 14-September 20
The #InjaFitChallenge began on Monday, September 14 and for some reason, that week was one filled with deep self discovery. The week was one of revelations; unearthing some deep rooted issues which were the cause of some of my behaviour, including my personal issues with men and my perception of their superiority. Food and fitness were not the priorities this week.
Week 2: September 21-September 27
This weekend had me home to the Island for a visit and for some reason, home is a place of refuge for me. A place to completely unwind… and eat. I think because of who I was when I lived at home, I revert back to that little girl, teenager and young woman who ate through her emotions. This weekend was no different. After yet another guilt blanketed weekend, I choose to keep my distance for the months of October and November for my own health and benefit, a big, brave decision.
Week 3: September 28-October 4
A better week to say the least. My focus this week was to stop cutting corners. Days with carbs ranging from 90 to 110 grams (not 135), fat falling to 40 grams versus 52, and in general, me not meeting my guidelines. That being said, when the weekends came, I would find myself ravenous and dining out frequently with little care for my daily plan. After indulging in a few too many gourmet cookies on Thursday, I pulled myself together for the remainder of the week.
Week 4: October 5-October 11
My goals this week were to nix out those nasty BLTs,to follow my daily macros and to start to take more progress measurements. B and I have definitely been on track and communicating a lot more openly, plus I’m learning to just trust him and let the rest unravel, free of my control. With Thanksgiving on its way and a weekend of family visiting me in my home, I plan on staying on track.

Inspirational quotes

Keep. On. Trucking.

Week 5: October 12-18
This week had me entertaining visiting family and traveling for a big holiday dinner, luckily V attempted to build up my capacity by adding 10 grams of carbs daily for the week. I handled Thanksgiving with much success; sure I had dessert, but only a few bites, no binging at all. I even tracked my meals beforehand, bettering preparing me for the weekend’s grandiose dinners.
Week 6: October 19-25
This was my third week of fighting a nasty head cold, but not giving up on my workouts. It was also a weekend of travel; I spent four days in Calgary visiting friends. Being away from home, the gym and my routine is always a challenge for me, but I managed to make it through the weekend, getting in two travel workouts and thoroughly enjoying my visit without tracking manically. This week showed me the potential I have to actually enjoy vacations, let loose but not fall off track and lose sight of my goals completely.
Week 7: October 26-November 1
To put it simply, this wasn’t my best week when Thursday October 29 hit, I just wanted to eat up all those Halloween treats each corner I turned. I found myself snacking on little, ‘negligible’ bits of chocolate pretending that they didn’t add up. I munched on mixed nuts and invited friends over for gourmet doughnuts. Even though this week was one of an additional 5 grams of carbs daily, I really did not prioritize nutrient dense foods here and it left me feeling completely disheartened and frustrated.
Week 8: November 2-November 8
When looking at month two the first thing I noticed was two not so good weeks and one decent week. For the final week of the second month I was determined to see it as a success. On Wednesday and Thursday I indulged in a little chocolate and peanut butter (whoever originally put the two together is on my naughty list), but instead of being disappointed, I choose to let it be what it was and have a great macro friendly Friday. I knew that Saturday would have me socializing and dining out with my family, so I preplanned my Sunday to ensure I was enjoying the right portions of nutrient dense foods.

Overall, month one was far more successful than month two, but there’s no sense in putting myself down about it. In regards to my four goals, I am doing exceedingly well with maximizing my food intake and minimizing my cardio, building my own self confidence sans comparison and measuring my nut butters. I’m also really looking at my relationship and removing doubt from it. The final month starts now!

Week 9: November 9-15
This was the first week of being allotted a free weekly meal in order to help me break my black versus white eating patterns. I enjoyed the holiday Wednesday at Italian Kitchen eating up a pasta dish followed by a decadent torte and homemade cookies with a good friend. Sunday was my go to free meal which included Thai food and cookies for dessert. It was interesting to have to be in my body at the time of the free meal reminding myself to stop eating when full and not to go overboard. This was a good week for workouts and mental growth; no guilt, no stress and trust in my body.
Week 10: November 16-22
From November 18 to 24, my carbs once again increased. I had plans for a free meal which fell through and instead ended up indulging in small portions of dessert (I love me a local bakery) on both Saturday and Sunday. This week also marked a trial period for absolutely zero HIIT sessions per week. The progress felt surreal, as I started with three weekly.
Week 11: November 23-29
How did we stumble upon week 11 so quickly?! This week had me on track for the most part although I did enjoy a few go to treats on Wednesday and Thursday (I’m looking at your cashews and chocolate chips). B was away and my mum was visiting so I had to practice planning when considering the weekend (I seem to fall off most often around comforting family). In regards to fitness, my body ached this week. My muscles and joints were sore so my workouts weren’t as powerful. Combining les intense workouts and no cardio meant that I had to talk those nasty gremlins out my head threatening that I would gain weight from the lack of cardio…
Week 12: November 30-December 6
This week was one for the books! I maintained my exact weight from October 28, and managed to drop from 19.8% body fat to 16.7% since July 1, 2015. After six months of learning and trusting, I look forward to what the future brings…

How I plan on maintaining and sustaining my current mental and physical state is through a variety of tools including:

  1. Ensuring that I am diligently eating enough to fulfill my daily macros
  2. Working on my confidence through working hard on both my diet and fitness goals and owning my actions and feelings
  3. Not overtraining – I don’t need to workout 5 days a week for 90 minutes at a time to maintain and make gains
  4. Listening to my body when given a ‘free’ meal
  5. Trust the process – No cardio or dieting when I overeat
  6. Love myself first, and focus on bringing joy and trust to my relationship with B

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