Fall flowers

Friday Five Moments

What a “week of sweets” it’s been with visiting family and friends! This weekend has me out shopping for a new laptop (my beloved broke down), bowling for a friend’s birthday and entertaining at home. Enjoy!

Dinner done right

Italian Kitchen

Italian feast | A seafood platter for two in celebration of my sister’s birthday, this meal was one I’ll be back for soon.


Raspberry, lavender and chocolate

Paris, oui |  This weekend I introduced my mum and sister to macaroons. Needless to say, they’re hooked.

Family time

Three amigos

Biannual | Living away from the Island is a great excuse for my family to come visit. The last time my mum, sister and I had a girl’s weekend was back in June, so November, for my sister’s twenty-ninth, felt rather fitting.

Fall flowers

Piles of petals

Bunches | My aunt drove into the city to spend some time with ladies. She showed up with these lovely flowers, a welcome addition to my countertop.



Dessert at Thierry

Apres lunch

Us two | One of my bests, originally from Germany and a serious world traveler, came by to visit me for one of our infamous days of dining. This past week was one to remember in which we had a savory pasta meal followed up with a sugary torte.


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