Friday Five Moments

As November wraps up, I’m looking forward to a cozy weekend spent healing my sore muscles and Christmas shopping. I found this graphic on pairing wine and cookies, and am hoping to test try out the gingerbread and Riesling alongside my visiting mum!


Treats, daily


Calendars | B and I have yet to celebrate a Christmas just us two, so instead we decided that every year we’ll purchase each other Advent calendars. It turns out we got each the pair of Lindt chocolates, along with his JellyBelly Santa.


New typewriter

Type | After consulting with a few of my tech minded pals, I decided on this Lenovo laptop, and so far, so good!


Weekend brew


Red cup | If I had to choose a vice, it’d be my affection for Starbucks Venti Americanos. I always find it fun to let the barista attempt to spell my name (which is nearly never correct). This time he spelled both mine and Byron’s names correctly making it a win for my week.


Lacqu’d up


Miami Beet | Fall hued nails in OPI’s popular Miami Beet paired perfectly with a week wardrobe of greys and blues.




Bumble bee | I have (un)intentionally made it my mission to search out local bakeries and test try out there sweet treats. This came from Cloud 9 Speciality Bakery. Next up, Blacksmith Bakery in Fort Langley!


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