Recap: 2015 Goals



Photography by my talented sister and brother in law. Learn more by visiting

As 2015 officially comes to an end, I’m recapping my 2015 goals, and my September viewpoints.

Not too much to report here other than meeting my goals of a busy, social year and then setting into a quiet, reflective winter.

Physical & Health
One of my favourite health dimensions, I’ve been focusing on my new program and managed to lose over 3% body fat slowly and steadily in six months. I am lifting heavier and eating as I please. This category is a freeing, successful one.

Occupational & Financial
Monthly savings could have been more consistent, but I met my overall annual goal. I worked on my Adobe skills and I’ve been networking a ton this autumn/winter.

Ahhh, mental health. I did defiantly make advancement in bettering my positive self talk, and I have had confidence in the decisions I am making and have made.

For the win, I truly connected on a deeper level with my sister this year. She visited me both for Thanksgiving and for her birthday which were a few highlights of my year.

I never spend enough time outside. That should come when I force myself to take chilly, sunny walks outside this winter.

Reading books hasn’t been my strong suit this year, but life coaching has been. I’m going into January 2016 with my coach by my side and I’m grateful for that.

Here’s to a New Year with better discovering and living in alignment with my values!


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