Friday Five Moments

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks with starting my new career as a Marketing Manager of a commercial painting company and booking B and I’s three year anniversary trip to Montreal! Here’s to a restful weekend, starting off with a evening of cocktails.


Iced out

Brisk | A blissful week off of work during the holidays (and between jobs) had me visiting an ice covered, misty Deer Lake Park for a five kilometer loop.


Selfie one


Selfie two

Cycle | A refreshing winter ride around Stanley Park this past weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered. The park was much less crowded than in the summer, and and made a perfect venue for a Sunday recharge.



Candied |  No weekend is complete without a trip to a bakery. This past weekend was with one of my absolute favourite people as we enjoyed macaroons and pain au chocolats.



Scripture | This card was a special touch from a friend of mine living a province away. The glittery gold made the “just to say hi” greeting a perfect addition to my side table.


Arm candy

Toted away | This tote is the ideal carry all for fall and winter and marries my outfits well, as I often mix neutrals such as black and tan.


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