Bakeries 101

For the most part I follow a nutritionally dense meal plan, but a good bakery gets me good. Since moving to the Lower Mainland nearly two years ago, I’ve made it my mission to locate sweet shoppes and test try their goodies. Here are a few of my favourite weekend watering holes:

  • Cloud 9 Gluten Free, New Westminster (Stuck on their red velvet and peanut butter cupcakes!)
  • Fratellis, Commerical and Sapperton (Their coconut macaroon cookies dipped in chocolate are unreal)
  • Sweet Tooth Cakery, North Vancouver (A quaint cakery which often sells out sooner than I can make it)
  • Cartem’s, Vancouver (I’m no doughnut fan, but their gluten free doughnuts are creative and aesthetically pleasing)
  • Thierry, Vancouver (You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their triple Trio cake!)
  • Faubourg, Vancouver (Macaroons, spiced nuts and pain au chocolat… nough’ said)
  • Valley Bakery, North Burnaby (I adore their mousse and whipped cream bites)

Pending my reviews and high on my hit list:

  • Blacksmith Bakery, Fort Langley
  • Mix the Bakery, Vancouver
  • Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery, Vancouver
  • Sweet Obsession, Vancouver
  • Edible Flours, Vancouver
  • The Last Crumb, Vancouver (Helllo cookie sandwich!)

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