Friday Five Moments

Valentine's weekend is a significant one as it's B and I's anniversary. This past February 12 we celebrated three years together. This week's moments are a collection from love day and beyond. Happy Friday, all. Blushing | These pretty little things are simple and meaningful, just my style to commemorate dating B for three years. … Continue reading Friday Five Moments


Values: A Fresh Take on 2016 Goals

It's already February and I am for sure behind the eight ball on 2016 goals. To be frank, I've been doing so much work on my personal and professional development since July of last year that when January graced us, I didn't feel a sudden urge to change or shift. That being said, I am … Continue reading Values: A Fresh Take on 2016 Goals

Friday Five Moments

Another Friday come and gone. February and March are always eventful for B and I between our anniversary, Valentine's and my birthday. This year we're heading to Montreal for Easter so it's been really rewarding spending rainy days in on the weekends pre-craziness. Happy February! Quarry Rock | B and I hit up North Van's … Continue reading Friday Five Moments