Friday Five Moments

Another Friday come and gone. February and March are always eventful for B and I between our anniversary, Valentine’s and my birthday. This year we’re heading to Montreal for Easter so it’s been really rewarding spending rainy days in on the weekends pre-craziness. Happy February!


Trail Saturday

Quarry Rock | B and I hit up North Van’s infamous Quarry Rock one damp Saturday. The hike up was brief, about 45 minutes, but filled with waterfalls and obstacles to overcome such as tree roots and slippery rocks.


The sweetest

Wedding bliss | B’s youngest brother recently got engaged and shortly after we received their save the date for Cancun, Mexico in 2017. I’m thrilled for the two of them and look forward to their upcoming nuptials and celebrations.


Family shoot

Shoot 2015 | This past December I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my entire family. We spent one afternoon at Victoria’s Government House taking photos. It was much fun (despite the cold) and now we’ve got memories for the long haul.


Pre V-Day

Love lips | Godiva makes one unreal flavoured coffee. I recently got over flavoured brew as I so often choose local, natural brands but this Chocolate Truffle not only tastes magical but smells up a room with its tasty fragrance.



 All too well | One of my dear friends currently resides in Calgary and sent me this magazine clipping (snail mail style) just to show me a pair of pumps that reminded her of me. She for sure makes checking the mail better.


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