Values: A Fresh Take on 2016 Goals

It’s already February and I am for sure behind the eight ball on 2016 goals. To be frank, I’ve been doing so much work on my personal and professional development since July of last year that when January graced us, I didn’t feel a sudden urge to change or shift. That being said, I am choosing to honour my values this year and to focus on quality over quantity in a variety of areas.


Fountain waves in Vancouver


Thoughts on 2016:

  • Practice being present
  • Think day by day versus month by month
  • Thought process a little slower and methodically
  • Process one priority at a time versus constant multitasking
  • Start enjoying the process versus always being destination minded
  • Continue to work on my financial goals
  • Learn to create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual career outcomes with a focus on quarterly assessments
  • Work with two new companies
  • Continue to work on food and fitness compliance
  • Build up that thick skin and lessen my sensitivity
  • Cultivate new friendships

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