Friday Five Moments

Valentine’s weekend is a significant one as it’s B and I’s anniversary. This past February 12 we celebrated three years together. This week’s moments are a collection from love day and beyond. Happy Friday, all.


Three for three

Blushing | These pretty little things are simple and meaningful, just my style to commemorate dating B for three years.


Chocolate ganache covered red velvet cakes

Treats, galore | There’s been o shortage of treats in my home as of late. These wheat free beauties didn’t last long and made an impression.


Fudge, homemade

PB | I love, love, love peanut butter so when a family friend made me a variation off her famous, homemade fudge marrying chocolate and the nut butter, I was absolutely delighted.



Canvas | I spent a pouring Saturday afternoon in with friends socializing, having beverages and getting creative. My first canvas titled Veins came from a frenzy of a emotions and now resides on my entry wall.


Fireplace snuggles

Pup | This little guy joined us for our afternoon of acrylics and melted my heart as he sat captivated by the fireplace.


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