This is 26: 19 Things I’ve Learned & Accomplished

Today marks my twenty sixth birthday. It gives me slight shutters saying that aloud. I remember at a time when I couldn't imagine being a quarter century and now I'm on my way to thirty. Fretting aside, my twenty fifth year allowed me to experience and accomplish some great things... here's to next year's adventures! 1. … Continue reading This is 26: 19 Things I’ve Learned & Accomplished


Right Now Repeat Playlist

It's hard to believe that my first Right Now Repeat Playlist was back on August 5, 2103. These songs are pumping through my time spent weight room bound. Cold Day Coming - Jason Benoit I'll Show You - Justin Bieber Y.V.E. 48 - Montrose Ave No Pressure- Justin Bieber Came Here To Forget - Black … Continue reading Right Now Repeat Playlist