Friday Five Moments

Ah, March. The month of spring, of renewal and of celebration. This month has got me looking forward to a quick trip to the island for a friend’s birthday, my own family birthday dinner in Kits, sweet Montreal and a hot yoga class with my boss (I know, right?!) Here’s to a weekend filled with soaking up the last moments of sweater weather.


Latest addition

Cash | I picked up my postage and was thrilled to open up this floral wallet from a friend who knows my style almost better than I do myself! The blush shaded cash carrier complements every one of my outfits, with or without a purse, and is ideal for winter’s transition to spring.


Eye candy


Swoosh | I have to restrain myself from shopping Nike stores, but this pair I couldn’t resist. A mini-mortgage payment later and I picked up these new sneaks for my time spent weight room bound.




Bookshelf | B has been hearing my endless rants on needing a new read. He chose out these two: the classic Chapman 5 Love Languages and Canadian girl boss Arlene Dickinson’s Persuasion. Currently I am thoroughly enjoying the basic read on expressing love.


Descending beneath the sea


Under the sea | From the depths of the jungle to the dark ocean, nothing keeps me from attempting to beat B in mini golf. Although he holds the record (hundreds of wins to my measly one), I refuse to give up.


Pure Zen


Kiss stick | There’s not a time that I don’t wear lipstick. Eyeliner? Sure. Blush? Oh yeah. Lipstick? Never, ever. This CremeSheen is described as a frosted warm nude and is perfect for everyday wear.


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